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Postnatal Doula Services

Those few first days and weeks you bring your new baby or babies home can be incredible, but also daunting and exhausting. 

In modern day society we are suppose to 'just get on with it, often without any extra help.

I am here to facilitate you special time with your new baby.

This can be by

  • Supporting you with feeding, whether breast or bottle feeding.

  • Helping with light housework 

  • Looking after your older children to allow you to concentrate on you and your baby's precious bonding time.

  • A friendly, non-judgmental ear and a cup of tea.

  • Looking after baby while you have a rest, sleep or shower.

  • Preparing some dinners for you and your family.

  • Sign posting you to early weeks groups and social circles (even come along with you to groups).

  • Listening to your birth experience.



£25 Per Hour

£20 per hour I am a Mentored Doula.

Minimum booking of 4 hours

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