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What Is a Doula

💖💖💖💖WHAT IS A DOULA?💖💖💖💖💖

Every time someone asks me ‘what is a Doula and what do you do?’ I find it hard to find a simple answer.

I am going to try to explain my view of a Doula in less than 10,000 words.

The word ‘Doula’ is an Ancient Greek term meaning ‘female slave’. This is pretty accurate as our service is to basically offer ourselves as slaves to women during pregnancy, birth and motherhood.

The overall goal of a doula is to make sure pregnant women/mothers feels safe, informed and comfortable so that she can embrace birth and life with a baby with confidence and a feeling of empowerment.

Doulas do this through antenatal birth preparation sessions where they talk through fears, anxieties, birth wishes and different types of birth options.

During your labour a doula is your emotional and physical support, offering everything from a familiar face to hold your hand and breathe with you, to assist your birth partner and support them, supporting you.

Doulas can provide relaxation techniques such as gentle massage, hypnobirthing, breathing, positions and alternative therapies.

Doulas are a gentle voice reminding you that you ALWAYS have choices. To remind you that you can take time out while you go through benefits and risks of anything that your medical or professional teams are suggesting, to make sure you fully understand and can make informed decisions.

This is particularly important during any consideration of medically inducing labour and interventions.

Ultimately a negative birth experience usually begins with a feeling of fear and the fear is usually a result of the unknown and feeling out of control.

This is why it is so important to ensure you have good birth (and postnatal) preparation, knowledge and someone with you who:

💖 You trust

💖Is non judgemental and open minded

💖Impartial (and has your back at all times)

💖Will implement your birth wishes as much as possible

The care continues after your baby is born with support in feeding and adjusting to life with a new born.

Doulas will help facilitate that precious bonding time that is so important for mum and baby.

Doulas will be there to help with whatever needs you have. This might include light housework, help with older siblings, dinner prep, attending postnatal appointments or baby groups or whatever needs will help mum relax and enjoy her new baby.

Since completing my Doula course and through my research and various women I have spoken to…. The evidence clearly indicates that EVERY women should seriously consider using the services of a doula.

Your birth experience is something that will effect you forever, whether it is positive and empowering or negative and sometimes traumatic.

It is actually an extremely worthwhile and inexpensive expenditure for the service you receive and the impact it will make on your life.

Kate Hera Doula Services

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